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Canyoning adventure activity that involves going through the canyons, which are located at the foot of the mountains in the fascinating and unspoiled nature overcoming natural obstacles like waterfalls, cascades, natural swimming pools (cauldron).

On this occasion, there are various walking skills and techniques such as :

  • Climbing
  • Going down the rope
  • Walking the exposed terrain or water flow
  • Squeezing through narrow gaps
  • Jumping into the water
  • Swimming

Turquoise blue water, amazing waterfalls, narrow corridors, vertical cliffs, various forms of stone figures and sculptures walls, which was formed years, water, flora, and fauna are a real aesthetic experience makes this sport so unique, attractive and entertaining. In our offer you will find canoeing through several canyons in Montenegro, but we strongly recommend canyoning through the canyon Nevidio.

Canyon Nevidio

Canyon Nevidio is located in the central part of Montenegro on the southern slopes of Mount Durmitor. It was first conquered in 1965 by then a "not-seen" from which comes its name. It is the last conquered canyon in Europe and still one of the less visited places. The canyon is about 3 km and features a large fall, and a large number of waterfalls, whirls and passages made by the water. In some places the cliffs are narrow and up to half a meter, and their height reaches almost 400 m. The unique experience of adventure and enjoyment provided by only canyon Nevidio.