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Rafting is primarily intended as a good time on the river - a combination of beauty, adrenaline, adventure, relaxation, fun, satisfaction, attraction, positive energy, intact nature ... - all this helps us to fully feel the beauty of nature and see what the old rafters knew.

Every rafting is diametrically different from any previous - NOTHING CAN NOT BE REPEATED TWICE - because the water level varies constantly.

Depending on the water level of rafting can be divided into several stages:

  • Extreme rafting - high water levels caused by rapid snowmelt from the mountains, as well as the spring and autumn rains (April, October, November).
  • Adrenalin rafting - the water level rises to a maximum adrenalin (May, June)
  • Tourist rafting - the joy of socializing and rafting is a combination of a nice adventure on Tara (July, August, September).
  • Winter rafting - the water level is not large but weather conditions are for those who are medically and physically ready for such conditions (December, January, February and March) .In our offer you can find a range of rafting more river in Montenegro or strongly recommend rafting down the Tara river.


Tara - the most beautiful and most exciting river in Europe. On its way from Komovi, 145 miles long, created a canyon nearly a hundred kilometers and 1.3 kilometers deep. The Tara canyon is the second deepest in the world (after Colorado Grand Canyon-a), but it is certainly the first in beauty. Rafting down the Tara River which is the largest reservoir of fresh water in Europe, through the most beautiful European canyon really is an experience, something that will cause an eruption of adrenaline. River is the best to enjoy during July and August, when the water level is small and quiet. Then people from all over Europe come to Tara to try out this unique experience.